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There is no verse of the Qur’an nor any Islamic tradition that indicates pregnancy will be a result of heavenly congress; rather, the focus is on happiness that will come from enjoying the beauty of the hur— beauteous virgins who will be the mates of the righteous—as evidenced by the following references: It would be misleading however, to give the impression that the Qur’an represents an entirely new view of sex and sexuality when compared to the earlier Abrahamic religions.Islam’s main document was addressed to a medieval Arabian milieu, and concerned itself mainly with improving the standards governing the prevailing practices, thus re-forming but never completely replacing all of the regional patriarchal tribal values and customs.It is He who created you from a single person and made his mate of like nature in order that he might find tranquility in her.When they are united she bears a light burden and carries it about (unnoticed).The Hadith may be defined as the non-Qur’anic words, deeds and tacit approvals attributed to Muhammad, as allegedly reported by his companions.There is enough evidence to suggest that there was much controversy among early Muslims regarding the acceptance of this new source of Islam beliefs.Contraception The earliest discussed form of birth control in the Muslim texts is that of al-‘azl, withdrawal before ejaculation, or coitus interruptus.Fortunately for us, the Hadith compilers have recorded the conflicting narratives on the issue, allowing us to see that the early discussants had nothing scripturally concrete upon which to rely.

Instead of applying any modern ethical outlook to dealing with the issue of birth control, many Muslims have fallen prey to conspiracy theories that any form of population control is a plot (by western countries) to reduce and weaken the Muslim population.

The scrupulousness of the compilers allows us to show the placement of words in the mouth of Muham-mad to create bases of authority for the competing viewpoints. In both collections, there are reports that indicate that coitus interruptus was practiced during Muhammad’s lifetime.

According to Sunni Muslims, two Hadith collections in particular are deemed to be most authentic: Sahih al-Bukhari (named after its compiler, Muhammad bin Ismail al-Bukhari, who died in 870 C. In both collections too, Muhammad supposedly stated that the practice would be to no avail if God had decreed that a pregnancy should result.

The medieval jurists were mainly men, and their opinions on the subject did not take into consideration a woman’s perspective.

And since Islam has not yet enjoyed the reform that Judaism and Christianity have experienced, the general view of contemporary traditional scholars (‘ulama) simply represents a continuum from the medieval viewpoints.

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