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Share the chat link on social media, add it to your mail signature and include in your newsletter campaigns to let customers contact you without always having to visit your website.Below are some tips and ideas to improve your reach, using the direct chat link.Remember that well-informed customers make for more confident buyers. To get your unique chat link, log in to your Live Chat as an Admin or Owner and go to Settings → Channels → Chat link.Your chat link is ready to use out of the box – there’s no need to install Live Chat on your site, so feel free to copy and share it with your customers.To generate the chat link for a specific group, go to Settings → Channels → Chat link and select the desired group from the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.Anyone clicking this link will be connected directly to the particular group.When you interact with customers outside your website, whether through newsletters or social media posts, make sure it’s not a one-way relationship.

To add the direct chat link to your Gmail signature, go to Gmail settings and scroll down to the ‘Signature’ section.By engaging your customers through the channel they already use, you not only create a great experience but also a way to solve their issues instantly.Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s hard to cram answers to complicated issues in 140 characters.When you need customer’s private details or the case turns out to be complicated it’s better to move away from Facebook. Just paste it into your comment and ask the customer to reach you there.You can also post your chat link directly from the Live Chat agent app.

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The link lets your customers access your chat instantly.

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