Guide to dating rich guys

Yes, there’s actually a website that will help you get started dating guys for cash.It’s called Whats Your, and it’s all about connecting men willing to entertain women for cash with the women who are willing to be entertained for cash.Instead of using dating site algorithms that are supposed to “match” you to your perfect soulmate, you can place a listing about yourself and men can find you.

Let’s make it clear that this isn’t the same as an escort service.It’s more of a marketplace to find men willing to pay money for a date with you.Men can sign up as Generous Members, or the people who are willing to pay to go on a date.However, the benefit is that verified profiles tend to have more people interested in them, which means more potential pay.If your profile gets approved, you can wait for men to offer money for a date with you.

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But, what if I told you there’s a unique opportunity to earn money, and it’s all based on dating?

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  1. You can consider yourself as a lucky person by using our site because you will meet teens, boys and girls and chatting online with them in chat rooms and the most important thing here that you will not pay anything.