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And add all the male tourist and contractors who also are looking for dates from the dwindling supply of available females.... The way many females view non-locals isn't leaning on your favor..I had moved to the mainland and experienced dating here THEN went back to Guam, I could not date a local. I think the ones that moved back to Guam from residence in the mainland are more open-minded to the prospect.The picture isn't that I'm originally from in the U. Local males also are known to be a bit 'protective' over non-locals moving in on their 'women' or even their areas.In the older days, people in Guam would have a problem of dating people they're related to (somehow finding out that you're 2nd or 3rd cousins). But it is a pretty small island so depending on which circles you frequent you can see the same people a lot.Like others have said, you'll find all the same people at the same places and everyone knows everyone there.The closer you live to Tumon the more likely you'll make connections, living in Santa Rita definitely isolated me.

they have open market and lots of food locals are selling diffrent dishes But its expensive there compared here in FLorida...

Now add all the single local males looking for dates (and a wife).

Add all the military males (and females) who are looking for dates as well.

Chamorro people are not particularly materialistic and in general, they are generous and hospitable.

That being said, the Chamorro view of money is different than the mainland view.

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