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He spends most of his time near the water, whether at Cape Crescent where he surfs, or at the yacht club.

Several times, he's even parked at Dog Beach over on my side of town. He'd been his usual jackass self, and he'd still somehow managed to get under the skin of a trained actress eight years his senior.

A/N I've been working on a much longer fic, but this one kept creeping into my consciousness. I concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other as I walk down Crescent Hill Drive clutching my kitten-heel mules. I ignore the tickle of the broken strap of my dress as it swings back and forth. I silently open the balcony door and slip back into his room.

Since it's a one-shot, I figured I would just git er' done, so I can devote my energy to the other story. The program has finished installing, so I snag the USB device.

The first thing you should know is that Southerners are prone to hyperbole.

And just because y’all can’t always understand what we’re saying, doesn’t mean we’re not making total sense.

Extra points for the dirty bare feet and the broken dress strap. Your hair is still too neat and proper."I stop, turning to the smug face leering at me across the cab of his truck."I guess that makes sense, though." He goes on. "As I stare at this face that I used to adore - that I used to consider one of my best friends - something in me breaks. My eyes are burning with hate."You declared Open Season on me, and your minions followed orders.""Veronica, I didn't-"I cut him off. They even look at me funny, I'm taking it out on you. "I release his shirt, turn, and begin walking away."Veronica…" Logan puts the truck in park, and opens the door. "I keep walking "You tell me."Logan catches up, and tries to put an arm around me. I guess." I tell him, running my hand through my new shaggy locks. Thanks."Weevil nods, working on something under my bumper. "Lilly would have ripped them apart for treating you that way.""You knew Lilly? I recognize the same sadness in his eyes that I used to see in Logan's eyes. Sounds like you've absorbed a piece of Lilly's spirit." Weevil says in admiration.

Or do you close your eyes and pretend that you're with Duncan? My intention has never been to distance myself from Lilly, but maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it's time to show the world that Veronica Mars has an identity of her own."Thanks... He's exactly the type of bad-boy Lilly would have made the of."Yeah, Lilly was a...friend." Weevil says. In his mind, I should have renounced my family to support Duncan, who is, incidentally, the same guy who dumped me without an explanation. In reality, Logan just needs to make somebody suffer, and since there are no murder suspects, he had to find a proxy to take it out on.""It sounds like you're making excuses for him." In a girly voice he continues: "Poor Logan! They so much as slut-cough when I walk by, and he'll pay the consequences.""Dayum Girl!

I don't turn to look as the yellow SUV draws even with me. While the program installs, I insert a tiny bug in Logan's cell phone.

At first, I paste an unaffected smirk onto my face, but a deeper truth sinks in: these people are uneasy. At lunch, I slip into the darkened History classroom, and flip through the manila folder until I find Logan's report. I replace his paper with one plagiarized word-for-word from Wikipedia - links still blue and underlined - and slip out of the classroom. "Sorry, it's not blowjob.""No, it's ." I say, pulling mine from my purse and pressing the trigger. I have a surprise for Dick when he arrives at school on Friday.

As I'm passing the computer lab, I notice Dick Casablancas and a couple of boys lurking in the doorway."Excuse me," a small brunette says."What's the password? Dick eyes the arcs of electricity, and backs away from the doorway, hands up. Two days of following him, produced the little tidbit that he's having a fling with Bettina Marone.

This list covers some of the main phrases you’ll hear.

If it sounds like we might be exaggerating, we probably are, but it’s just for effect. Service road; the road that allows you entrance to the highway. Most always said sarcastically in response to someone being offensive (i.e., if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all).

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