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revealed that Trevor made a move on her but couldn't really do much about it as she was already in a serious relationship with fellow actor and director, Thomas Gumede and was too young at the time.

The starlet said the following: Not everyone thinks Trevor is a 'sweetheart' though.

M-Net said it had made no decisions about Cliff's future with the company."Gareth Cliff is not currently contracted to M-Net and we will be reviewing his future employment with the company," said spokesperson Lani Lombard.

Internationally acclaimed comedian and television host, Trevor Noah is just one of those guys that almost every woman would want to be "associated" with.

It's a conversation we absolutely need to have, but I believe it has gotten out of control. It's everybody on social media.""It's a lot of hot-headed people who are very emotional.

Instead of taking Yekani’s advice, Cliff responded like this: As a South African citizen, Cliff had a right to question the cost of the funeral and who might be paying it.

If reports are true, the ANC might be strapped, which means state expenditure could be even more of a concern than it usually is.

Johannesburg - Controversial radio personality and former Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff on Thursday said he was disappointed that people were calling for a boycott against him following some backlash he's received on Twitter for adding his views on the Penny Sparrow racist post debate.

"I am very disappointed how this agenda has been hijacked by an angry mob on Twitter," he said.

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