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On September 24th, police arrived at a Fullerton, California, home to find two children, aged six and nine, waiting for them on the porch in terror.

The reporter had to rush off set, unable to contain her laughter – despite reporting on a terrorist incident that left 19 people hospitalized.

“I think it really is the worst thing that ever happened with ties to this community,” blogger Patch O’Furr wrote on the furry news site Dogpatch Press, referring to the Fullerton murders. It’s not a lifestyle that’s deviant.” Because a subset of furry culture sexualizes anthropomorphized animals, the entire fur fandom is sometimes equated with fetishism. Some furries dress in full-length costumes and bear elaborate “fursonas,” attending conventions and meeting each other on dedicated dating sites, while others are content to take on animal identities and names, or just consume anthropomorphic literature and comics.

Now, despite no reported evidence that their joint interest in the fur community was a motive for the murders, the incident is causing concern among furries already sick of defending the scene from negative stereotypes.

Knox, who was arrested in Henrico, Virginia, was charged with four other defendants in connection with the predator ring.HARRISBURG — A man with Luzerne County ties faces at least 13 years behind bars for his role in a twisted child-sex trafficking case that involved child predators dressing up in animal costumes to rape a 9-year old boy at “furry” parties, the Attorney General’s office said Tuesday. Knox, 37, formerly of Pittston, previously pleaded guilty to rape of a child and sexual exploitation charges after he was arrested in 2016 for his role in a child predator ring that abused the same boy.For some, but not all, a “furry” is a sexual fetish where adults dress up as animals and identify as a chosen animal.A Go Fund Me site has been set up for the young children of the Yosts, as well as one for the 5-year-old son of victim Billy Boucher.Acosta and Felix are being held without bail and are scheduled back in court on October 28th.

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