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bbpa : i think that was a wind gust yeti bbpa : run bbpa : and when you think you ran far enough run some more Arrow74 : lol Beast206 : 1-900-yeti bbpa : lol nice beast Destinysmoon64 : ahh I cant be good I cant sorry yeti : the animal sounds are back for now Destinysmoon64 : good bbpa : the 24/7 squathline Crypto Hunter JD : besides myself, who here thinks the Patterson film is authentic? bbpa : squatchline Butch_179-1 : I do bbpa : I do 100 percent crypto Destinysmoon64 : I think it is Beast206 : Ive seen noone able to debunk it yeti : i do Destinysmoon64 : always have even before they cleaned it up bbpa : yep me too Destinysmoon64 : they tried but it didnt make sense Destinysmoon64 : made me mad actually Destinysmoon64 : with that man saying he wore the suit Destinysmoon64 : he wishes Beast206 : not to be a prick but that guy couldnt even spell sasquatch Destinysmoon64 : ac unit Destinysmoon64 : almost jumped but contained myself lol bbpa : haha thats just the truth beast sasquatchita : helloooooo Destinysmoon64 : for reals..trying to show how he did the walk and want to trip him Destinysmoon64 : holaaa sasquatchita yeti : hey sasquatch bbpa : it wasnt even close Crypto Hunter JD : I heard it too, glad my volume is not turned up to high bbpa : hey chita Destinysmoon64 : no it wasnt sasquatchita : :::waves::: Beast206 : that same guy didn't know where that film was shot lol soo...: D yeti : no thats eye shine by the fire pit Destinysmoon64 : probably a a small animal sasquatchita : that ONE dot? Destinysmoon64 : yeah it blinked Arrow74 : it is winking Beast206 : I still thinks thats coals in the pit bbpa : pretty sure its embers yeti thats why it is coming and going like that Destinysmoon64 : it thinks we are purty sasquatchita : bug Wild_Man : its not moving though Crypto Hunter JD : eye shine from a one eye midget sasquatch? Destinysmoon64 : lol.pun there bb Destinysmoon64 : lol Destinysmoon64 : the eyeballs Destinysmoon64 : a faery yeti : eye glow maxx1 : cat sasquatchita : it is WAY quiet compared to last night... Destinysmoon64 : but I kept my cool cause I remembered about last night Destinysmoon64 : lol bbpa : wat was awesome arrow? Beast206 : embers I believe Destinysmoon64 : that is the flame going out still isnt it bbpa : yep sure is Arrow74 : when the AC kicked in and everyone freaked. bbpa : o yeah lol it was Destinysmoon64 : well I thought that digs far enough down..maybe there are bigfoot carcasses Arrow74 : i giggled.... Nastan : have any of you ever seen a goliath spider?

Chelle66 : you couldn't pay me enough money to put one of those things on my face lol Beast206 : gah Beast206 : you better be armed lol Destinysmoon64 : well the tree isnt moving so maybe sunny Chelle66 : well they can get as big as they want as long as they stay in Iraq lol Destinysmoon64 : I know thats right Chelle66 : imagine finding one of those in your basement lol Destinysmoon64 : hmm Nastan : Bigfoot Gal : Something sounds creepy Destinysmoon64 : no imagine waking up and one is next to you in the bed Destinysmoon64 : lol Beast206 : imagine me explaining to the cops why I shot a spider in my house lol yeti : sherry WOW alot books about sasquatch on that website Chelle66 : LOL Destinysmoon64 : LOL i know thats right bbpa : bbpa : lol Destinysmoon64 : no not moving sasquatchita : heh Beast206 : ewok? all those frog/bug sounds Destinysmoon64 : just kiddng bbpa : lol oops no pun intended Destinysmoon64 : I mean kidding sasquatchita : its crossed now sasquatchita : cross- eyed... sasquatchita : cuuute bbpa : rare subspecies Arrow74 : maybe it is a squirrel on fire Destinysmoon64 : lol or a faery bbpa : lmoa sasquatchita : ::giggle:: Destinysmoon64 : ohh I hope not bbpa : lmao bbpa : i hate squirrels sorry they drive me nuts Destinysmoon64 : ohh I hope so maybe squatch will come out Beast206 : lol Crypto Hunter JD : faery? Destinysmoon64 : holy cow its the chupa cabras Destinysmoon64 : nah its the fire bbpa : lol the goat suckers are here Destinysmoon64 : ayup bbpa : Run away run away!!! bbpa : o we were talking about goliath spider Nastan : its awsome though kyresearcher : ohh i c bbpa : it was a link to a pic of one ky Beast206 : no, you were simply NOT budging this things grip for real lol kyresearcher : ok brb Bigfoot Gal : Yes, check it out: Nastan : i know i searched up on google and that came up but still Chelle66 : I thought the camel spider was a myth? bbpa : man they are nasty Beast206 : oh no Destinysmoon64 : holy crap who the heck was that with the spider Destinysmoon64 : they are uuugly bbpa : my buddy is in iraq rite now and I can tell you they are real Beast206 : ayup bbpa : very real Nastan : wat?

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