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Steve Sargent and his wife came from NY where he is a Ph D professor. They are into traditional English dancing -- in costume no less. Gail Harvey and her husband Bill were here all weekend and we had a lot of conversations that "mattered" (got below the surface) and introduced us to three unique Scotchs from their collection.

Elliot Childs arrived Monday and missed much of the party, but got his share of cake.

The Columbus Day Weekend celebration began with the first revelers arriving Thursday night.We remembered the old joke about directing naive under-classmen to find the elevator - well, now they really have one.The cafeteria had just been completed as we graduated and now has a bank of soft drink machines and even offers smoothies.The riot of color, unseasonably warm temps and clear blue skies enveloped the weekend - and the Red Sox even won their pivotal game!Friday afternoon 24 reunioneers met Kathy Gates Loring at the High School.

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