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As a woman over 50, you probably do not have unrealistic expectations.

In the two control communities, no interventions were provided.

A simple online outreach intervention – in which a health educator engaged in conversation and responded to questions about HIV testing on dating and hook-up websites for men who have sex with men – significantly increased the HIV testing rate, according to data from a randomised controlled trial published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

These kinds of interventions are widely implemented, but until now there has been little data to show whether they are effective or not.

The researchers note some features of the intervention – it is simple and cheap to deliver, requiring only a trained health educator and an internet connection; it can easily be replicated and delivered at a greater scale; it reaches men when they may already be thinking about sex; it reaches men who may not use gay bars, including bisexual men.

This randomised study examined an intervention delivered on websites.

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