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Under these circumstances, an extra text or two won’t matter.Sometimes conversations naturally die and you might genuinely want to reconnect with someone.You might as well see if the relationship can be salvaged. If you send a lot of double texts to women, then you need to examine your overall dating strategy. Second, a lot of double texting means you could be desperate and needy with women.However, if your efforts to get her attention again don’t succeed, then just drop it. Usually if her not texting you causes you anxiety, then you’re too invested in the girl you’re messaging.It's less awkward, because four people have more to say than two people, eliminating silent moments.

I’ll give you a hint: it starts with the letter “n” and rhymes with seediness.He knows she’s devoted to him and she might even be the one sending him multiple messages because she’s needy! He doesn’t care if one girl doesn’t get back to him because he has others he’s messaging.In long term relationships, you will probably double text quite a bit, like if one of you is really busy and you need to convey information in between contact, or many other legitimate reasons.Not only that, but, if you can’t even wait for her to respond out of anxiety, jealousy, or fear it means you’re not very secure in the relationship. And, next to neediness, insecurity is second on the unattractive male behaviors list.Look at it this way: a guy who has the girl’s full love and attention doesn’t need to double text.

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As the minutes turned to hours and maybe even days, you can feel your anxiety increase. Second, they recognize instinctively that sending two texts in a row appears needy. Here is the advice I give to my dating coaching clients.

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