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Can you think of any Christian leader who is single?

Second, we must discuss the warnings of seeking romantic love as an ideal.

The third value mediates, reconciles, and connects the two.

Three is the number of truth.”While this might have no bearing at all on the current text, it is still a good rule to notice any statement which is repeated in scripture.

This is especially important for our same-sex attracted brothers and sisters choosing a life of celibacy to honor the Lord.

This is also for those in our congregations who are widowed, divorced, or single and who feel their status is as an anomaly which needs to be corrected.

It was not the first and only message I heard about dating.

He goes on to explain how a married person is filled with anxiety about how to please their spouse. In addition, a reading of Song of Solomon presents images of intense pleasure but also of deep despair and emotion.

encourage their readers to wait for the spouse God has planned for them.

I, like the other students, sat with full attention during this chapel service hoping to hear the secret to romantic bliss.

Many relationships that began at my Christian college ended in divorce.

We need to stop believing that this is God’s plan for every person, and we need to speak to the dangers of giving ourselves emotionally and physically at the wrong time.

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In our desire to defend traditional marriage, the church has overemphasized marriage.

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