Dating workaholic grad student

Taking the time for rejuvenation is key to effective leadership. Certainly, we want to bring our best selves to work.When we are fresh and operating with peak energy, we create a positive environment for our teams where they too can flourish.Imagine the ripple effects we could have on our teams when we showed up in this way.

Others see a renewed passion - it is electric and contagious.The rest of us who are undeserving wear the hours worked as a badge of honor, boasting that we work 70 or 80 hours per week.In order to fix the workaholic mentality and prevent burnout, we need to declare time for rejuvenation.Think about the standard company handbook, where you earn vacation as a reward after a year of service.When it comes time to take it, there often seems to be so much work to do that it is not worth it to take the time off.

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I may from time to time need to adjust dates, but when I take away a scheduled renewal time in my calendar, I simply move it to another date versus allowing myself to delete it.

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