Dating wagner ware cast iron skillet

Like all the L&W Book Sales books, this one suffers from mistakes and not the best photo quality.

Collectors aren’t apt to find many of this old logo. I had a lot to do with providing photos and information on this book but was disappointed by the outcome. Recently available and may still be from David Smith or Larry Fox. 8-1/2 by 11, 80 pages, spiral bound, good quality reproduction. Prices included but may be out of date or not realistic. Collectors Guide to Wagner Ware and Other Companies(with prices) by L&W Book Sales, 1994. A good book worth buying after you have bought the better books. Photos and print of good quality with a lot of useful information. Griswold Extra Finished Iron Hollow Ware, Bulletin E-9. Includes Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron, Mail Boxes, Meat and Food Choppers, Cast Aluminum Cooking Utensils including Aristocraft and Hammercast, Dampers, Gas Hot Plates, Quik-Bake and Gas Stove Ovens, Chromed Table Service Utensils. Griswoldcatalog and miscellaneous information compiled and reprinted in 1985 by Jim Laughlin. Again, a lot of information not seen in other catalogs. Illustrated is Wagner¹s complete line of iron and aluminum of the period, including skillets, kettles, muffin pans, griddles, waffle irons, broilers, toys, and hardware such as iron downspouts, sash weights, bob sled runners, hitching post, etc. It includes both aluminum and iron toys, molds, waffle irons, skillets, kettles, etc., some of which are rare. It illustrates a large number of seldom-seen to very rare items. 1940's, Dampers, Food Choppers, a section of Griswol's ERIE Cast Aluminum Ware c.1905, Flat Aluminum Ware, and Sheet Aluminum Ware. Wagner High Grade Hollow Ware Catalog Number Ten c.1902 6" X 9-1/2", 72 pages. This early Wagner catalog reprint is complete including the storekeepers notes on various pages. This catalog contains many unique items including the toy Facimile Kettle. Wagner Cast Aluminum, Polished Iron, Nickel Plated Catalog Number Thirty 1924. This excellent reprint by John Wright with clear print and photos features nearly equal numbers of aluminum and cast iron products. To the best of our knowledge it is the last cataloging of Wagner aluminum before production all but ceased during WWII. A limited number of reprints are available from Steve Stephens 415-453-7790. This is a very highly recommended bi-monthly quality newsletter with photos and lots of information about all kinds of cast iron cookware due to cease publication after Dec. All back issues (12 volumes going back to 1992) are currently available from David as far as I know.

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