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By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what it takes to attract a lady who’s 10 years younger than you. Before we get to the 10 most important lessons I learned, a few important points about the benefits of dating younger women.

Research suggests that men who are with younger women live longer lives and are generally in better health.

Anecdotes to support the rules are thanks to our friends at Ask Men.

It’s tempting to succumb to temptation and try and have a casual fling with a younger woman. You see, one of the most attractive things about an older man is his maturity. She wants to learn from your wisdom and experience in life.

“So please make sure to be honest without yourself about why you are attracted to us, and if it’s for who we are — not how we make you feel.” Just because you’re older, though, doesn’t mean you can switch off from life. ” It’s definitely important that as an older man you have financial stability.

However, don’t assume this is your most important drawcard. This is often one of the biggest concerns men have when dating younger women.

“When I date a guy around my age, I assume there’s a certain level of immaturity that I’m inevitably going to have to endure,” says Mariah, 26.You’re the older guy, so it’s pretty obvious to you that she’s not always going to be attracted to your youthful glow.You need to attract her with your character and other good qualities. Even though she’s younger, she knows deep down that her youth won’t always be around.Many older men try to make up for their age by showing more vigor behind closed doors. They want to feel an emotional connection first and foremost.When they feel emotionally connected, the physical connection just gets enhanced.

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“In both of my past relationships with older men, I’ve gone into them assuming that there won’t be any games played, and that choosing to date someone who has had the time to make past relationship mistakes will have learned from them.” This is a key mistake many men make.

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  1. Over the course of a week I had messaged all of the 9 girls I had found with a simple "HI." "Hello". Of course they were good looking because it does count.

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