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As the wine flowed, so did my friend’s feelings for her ex.

“You know we’re going to be married one day, right? I love you so much.” This would have been a rather silly drunken exchange, but for one detail — her current girlfriend was present.

I don’t know if this declaration was lost in the fuzziness of alcohol or what, but I don’t drink, and I felt deeply uncomfortable.Yes, there is love but there are also other emotions involved. It sounds like X and Y are at that stage in their relationship.They understand that they had committed to a future together, and that future is no longer possible.However, their commitment still requires attention. In this case, it is a house that they have invested time and money in.It may not be feasible to expect X and Y to give that up, for now at least.

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I don’t want to be like my friend’s girlfriend — tightly smiling, pretending her girlfriend’s relationship with her ex was no big deal, pretending the touches, sweet nothings, and caresses are flatly platonic.

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