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I am very open minded and I try to keep a positive attitude even when circumstances seem to defeat us... I also can do ballroom dancing to a good standard I love dancing specially Jive and Tango and Cha Cha, but many others as well. I like to attend Vegan restaurants in Australia and Thailand.I do this mainly for my little girl because I would like to be more than just a good mum for her! Two I attend regularly are Rasayana in Pattaya and Bangkok and Good Souls Cafe in Chiang Mai.I look forward to being swept off my feet by your ability to properly punctuate and your secret passion for kale. I decided to start a new life away from there and a job opportunity opened up in Brampton. I have worked for the not-for-profit sector for about 14 years. Travelling is my passion, including visiting natural spaces - specially hiking in the mountains.Talk soon, my friend ;) I am originally from Guatemala. Making an impact in the community is very important for me. So, I like a woman who has a sense of humor, who is intelligent, likes cultural events, is kind and compassionate, yet independent. I've been vegetarian/vegan for more than 30 years for Health reasons.I love to cook (I do the dishes too), I’m very easy going, no macho style, good listener, very patient, and excellent lover.i love bollywood, even though i've seen a lot of terrible movies. Laughter is one of my favorite pastimes along with stimulating conversation, enjoying a good beer and delicious food, watching movies, playing word games and cards, and creating run on sentences.My loves for walking outdoors, running, and dancing perfectly compliment my weakness for fried foods.

I am an extremely curious person and love details of a good story line. I'm on here to find a life partner to share in some of my dreams and to dream new ones together. If you also believe love is a choice, then we'll find each other. I especially love riding my hybrid bike through the trails, being in nature is heavenly.

I'm a very simple person and it is very easy to make me smile. I do not keep pets at home prefering to leave habitat for as many wild animals as possible.

I don't like drama in relationships and I appreciate openness and honesty. I can teach bike riding skills to novice riders , and also how to get fit. I go to Asia nearly every year and meet with other highly motivated vegans at a festival . In my spare time, I attend animal activism events, and also financial support to local and international direct action.

I also enjoy stretching out doing basic yoga and I try doing a daily meditation ... I've 3 children - 2 adult sons and a teenage daughter and 2 fur babies - Rocky and Zoe. I'm passionate about health and fitness, love movies, live bands and getting outdoors. I am seekibg you if you wish for a life of service and love. I love nature and have respect for all living things. I enjoy camping, hiking, adventures, cooking, arts/crafts/DIYs, music,animals, yoga, and spending time with my children. I love my job and the 4 & 5 year olds I work with, but it can be very exhausting at times.

If you want to create a family, if you want to eat beautiful organic vegan foods, if you want to help create a beautiful vegan business and organic farm, if you want to travel the world and help sow seeds of love, better living and brotherhood, join me. I have a background in deep spiritual thought and studies. I try to keep a positive attitude and keep a peaceful home. So although I can work hard, I can also shut right down and do nothing. I love eating plant-based and am always trying out new recipes for my non-vegan family and friends.

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