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It really seems to be a TV show that accurately condenses five blind dates into half an hour and offers a concentrated lesson on the various ways in which modern dating might manifest itself.

The people on the show come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, are of varying ages and sexualities and gender identities, and they come from differing walks of society, and it is this diversity that is one of the factors that makes the show good.

How wonderful it is to see oneself reflected onscreen, in a dating show, at last!

On her date with a handsome, young, white man named Justin, something terrible happens.I figured that dating shows – as slight and trashy receptacles into which heartbroken people poured their Saturday nights – might indeed be different from everything else offered to me so far, and having watched it, I can definitely say that it is indeed something special.The concept is a simple one: a singleton goes on a date with five potential partners, and then the five are whittled down to one when the singleton makes his/her choice at the end of the half-hour episode. There are no bad gimmicks or obvious ulterior motives.Anyway, here’s what I believe: Guyana is a great country for every man, no matter what religion, who’s looking for a family-oriented wife with chocolate skin.Chatting with at least 10 Guyana brides online and marrying one of them is not the worst idea ever, at least not if you’re looking for a woman to start a family with. She’s constantly thinking about her family because her uncle Tom, her brother Jerry, and her auntie Gwendolyn are all living abroad.

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