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In relation to nationality I'm a American Northwesterner, in politics I'm a reactionary, and as for religion I have none (I'm an atheist).

In China's rapidly growing market for luxury wines, Bordeaux has symbolized greatness for several years now.

Additionally, if Yao’s mother lived through the Cultural Revolution I’m wondering if she and her husband are even at their full height assuming normal nutrition. With 2 inches per standard deviation, ~85% heritability, you’d expect any of their children to be 6 standard deviations above the population norm in height (sex corrected).

For a male that’s 6’8 (using the 5’8 figure as the median). In fact, at 7’6, he’s 5 standard deviations above the expected value. I think that that indicates that I’m being too conservative about the genetic potential of Yao’s parents, the full median height of the source population from which they derive assuming modern nutrition, and the heritability constraining to Yao’s family.

Though of course the odds of someone of Yao’s height being born to his particular set of parents was orders of magnitude higher than for two random Chinese.

Note: To do the back-of-the-envelope I just used the breeder’s equation.

"Napa Valley wines are the wines I fell in love with when I lived in the U. "While I was on the road with the Rockets, the players would go out to dinner together and some of them knew a lot about wine, and I learned from them." Two years ago, Yao and his management team decided to act on his enthusiasm, hoping to create a fine wine to represent Napa Valley in the growing Chinese market. For America, the wine's biggest impact could be as a symbol of Napa Valley in the growing Chinese wine business.

Hinde previously worked as general manager of Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates, as well as president of Sonoma’s Flowers Vineyard and Winery.

(Yao is the principal shareholder in the project, while Hinde and four other investors have minority stakes.) The winery currently sources grapes from several Napa Valley vineyards, including Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Tourmaline Vineyard and Broken Rock Vineyard.

But Napa Valley now has a new ambassador in the premium market—a very big ambassador.

Yao Ming, the recently retired eight-time NBA all-star and the most prominent sports legend in his native China, tells he is launching his own wine label, Yao Family Wines.

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