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For example: For a more complete selection of backlinks, use the Yahoo! allintitle: (and also intitle:) Searches only for sites with the given word(s) in the page title.

Intitle: does the same thing but for single words and can be used with more flexibility.

For instance, if I searched: The results would show pages with just “hammer” in the page title, and with “nails” elsewhere.

Note: in blog search this same function is performed by inblogtitle: and inposttitle: allintext: (and also intext:) This operator searches only for sites where the given word(s) are in the text of the page.

For example, if you sell handcrafted jewelry, use a domain like Use the drop down field to find the custom domain that you’d like to use to direct customers to your Etsy store.

URL forwarding is usually a pretty quick process, but occasionally needs a little more time to finish set up.

If your custom domain does not automatically forward you to your Etsy page, give it a few minutes then try again.

If it is, just add it to your cart and check out just like you would for any other purchase. Head to and choose the Apps link under the Websites tab on the main navigation bar.

You have a ton of options available when it comes to choosing a domain extensions, or what it says on the right of the “dot.” While traditional domain endings are perfectly OK to use, many store owners find that their preferred domain name might already be in use or is being resold by a private owner at a high cost. Scroll down until you find the Etsy app and click Get Started to begin.

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Etsy is an awesome way for sellers around the world to sell their custom goods to an eager audience of buyers.

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