Dating in the dark relationships

Partially explaining the hostile and intense nature of their conflict was our other finding that, in general, Dark Triad personalities reported higher levels of contempt, criticism, stonewalling and defensiveness (see our manuscript for specific findings, particularly about narcissism).

The aforementioned messages are known as the Four Horsemen and directly related to divorce (see my previous entry here: its-not-what-you-fight-about-its-how-you-fight).

If they experience violence in a dating relationship, they might begin to believe that abuse is normal.

A victim’s and abuser’s home life usually plays a significant role as well.

This point is particularly noteworthy since breakups are the times in violent relationships when abuse most often escalates or becomes lethal.

Educating students on healthy relationships and breakups, however, can help, as can guidance for students on how to interpret the messages being targeted at youth and young adults from the media.

Before reviewing how the Dark Triad personality structure influences romantic partner communication, let’s first describe what this personality profile encompasses.

Dating abuse puts adolescent and young adult victims at a higher risk for substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior and domestic violence later on in their lives. high schools lack training or guidelines for counselors in dealing with dating violence, according to a study released by Ball State University last year.Finally, we found, overall, that Dark Triad individuals reported higher levels of romantic partner conflict.Our communication is both dependent upon and reflective of our psychological structures.All compelling options, yet perhaps it is something much worse.Potentially, it’s a personality structure of people that we have, or worse, are currently, dating.

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A threat that only Captain America or the X-Men could thwart?

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