Dating girl borrows money

She gives you the same story three or more times for the month.

If she tells you she has no bus fare for work, or money for gas and you gave her enough to cover the month and then some, then she is lying, even if she pouts and cries and gives you kisses. She is calling you from the hairdresser to tell you she has no money for the kids to go to school or that she has no food in the house for them. If she was so concerned, a hairdo would be the last thing on her mind.3. She tells you her mother is in the hospital and needs surgery, and when you tell her you hope mom is feeling better, she gives you a blank stare, then a cut eye, then you don't hear from her for days, until she calls again near payday, saying her mother is very ill and she needs some money to 'borrow'.5.

Some men are able to spot the rake and hightail it away from these women without getting burnt in the pockets, others get caught in their webs, because many of these women also possess the feminine wiles that make letting go very hard for men.I used this as I felt that every man had to pay to be in my life.Personally I do not see anything wrong in making simple and affordable requests if there is love.She tells you she has a job interview the following week and needs a new suit and money for a hairdo.But when you run into her after the alleged interview and ask her how it went, you get the blank stare, then the 'oh, yeah, that... She never calls to find out how you are doing and never asks how your day was.

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So guys, how do you know she just wants you for your money?

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