Dating games for youth ministry

Minefield Group members lead a blind folded member through an obstacle course. Assassin Whilst this is a a fun game, there's little doubt the truth will be stretched during this game.This opens up the opportunity to talk further about the importance of telling the truth, keeping your word and being trustworthy source.Traditionally, dating is reserved for individuals who are at least 18 years old and ready to find a marriage partner.Many Jewish traditions encourage youth to date only other Jews, and some branches of Judaism still use the tradition of a matchmaker who helps young people find a spouse.Blind Draw A drawing game where effective communication is the key to success.This game provides a real life example of how easy it is to misinterpret each other.

Different Christian denominations offer different guidelines for youth dating.

These rules state teens should not date until they are at least 16, and then they should begin with group dates and double dates.

They should avoid exclusive dating until they are old enough to consider marriage.

The Drunk Intruder This is not suitable for every group, but an interesting exercise on how your group would handle an unexpected visitor. A really fun game which gives kids the chance to indicate where they stand on particular issues - some fun, some serious.

This is a great activity to run prior to a talk on how sometimes in life, standing up for what you believe can sometimes put you in the spotlight or make you stand out from the crowd.

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