Dating ex husband advice

We were both escaping into these fantasy worlds, which only made us grow further and further apart.

By 2000, I felt like I was in a marriage by myself, so I asked for a divorce.

Aaron didn’t feel like I was attracted to him anymore.

I believe they were embarrassed by their relationship as well since they hid it from people for quite some time.

He was in the military and from the Midwest, so he was pretty reserved. In spite of our differences, we hit it off right away.

He’d later tell me that he knew I was going to be his wife as soon as he saw me.

Especially, after we got married..tried to get everyone on board with ruining our marriage. And they each were the ones who originally initiated divorce.

Now they decided after 6 yrs to "officially" move in together. Yet they are so disgruntled that we found happiness.

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