Dating discussion group youth

This series will show your students the pitfalls of dating when you're not ready and how our hearts were meant for so much more.

You will help your students see how having good friends will be the biggest help in finding their future spouse, and how sex was created to represent so much more than what the world tells us.

I am the Youth Pastor at epikos Church in Milwaukee, WI!

Did you know that 90% of 8-16 years old have viewed pornography online? Not only have they heard about everything you're afraid to say... You can grab that stat and more like it from So without further ado, here's our Pro Tips on the matter: God loves them because God is love. No matter what we do or who we are - God's love isn't based on what we do or who we are. You're gonna talk about a lot of stuff that provides Satan with an opportunity to accuse.

This series takes a serious look at how God wants us to see relationships.

Week 1: Who to Date and How Week 2: Friends Without Benefits Week 3: Let’s Talk About Sex Week 4: DTR: Define Those Relationships!

" Chances are - the person your dating is someone else's future spouse.

They're definitely your brother or sister in Christ and they only become something more than that once you're married to them.

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" "How do I make sure I don't hurt my boyfriend or girlfriend?

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