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By 1856, they were producing call bells and sewing machines, but clocks continued to be the main line of production throughout the 1850's and 1860's.

I am also happy to share my experience and knowledge.I am now able to offer DOMESTIC POSTAGE for a range of parts and accessories from Maine U. This process has 'scrambled' some of my pages, lost others and altered the location of some of the photographs, making my site 'a bit of a mess'. Recently my website underwent a compulsory 'host server' change.By 1871, kerosene virtually replaced whale oil for heating and illumination and new ways of burning it more efficiently were needed.Between 18, Bradley and Hubbard secured 33 patents relating to the design and mechanics of oil burning lamps (in all, the company would eventually patent a total of 238 designs and mechanical devices).

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