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People belonging to Earth signs are very much grounded and practical.Both these individuals share several qualities and have many things in common.He is capable to calming her down and bringing out the best in her.❤ The Taurus man is rigid and stubborn, while the Virgo woman is flexible.The Virgo woman is cautious, while the Taurus man is confident.The Taurus man can sometimes turn very stubborn, which can irk the impatient Virgo woman.➡ The Virgo woman should keep her criticizing nature (one of the most distinct Virgo characteristics) in check, and remember that beneath his cool exterior, the Taurus man conceals a very fiery temper.It is wise to let him be rather than prodding him constantly.The Scorpio man is mysterious, secretive, and very emotional (although he will rarely show or accept it).

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, symbolized by the deadly scorpion, and is confident and passionate, while Virgo is a mutable Earth sign, symbolized by a virginal maiden, and is demure and aloof.

If we had to rate this relationship, it would definitely be the perfect 10 on 10.

The union of the Taurus male and Virgo female can surely lead to a long-lasting relationship due to the mutual understanding, respect, and love for each other.

Therefore, each one covers up for the weaknesses of the other.

They form an excellent pair for marriage, friendship as well as business.➡ The things that can lead to quarrels between the two are - the possessive and jealous nature of the Taurus man, and the criticizing nature of the Virgo woman.

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