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The island of Cyprus is home to hundreds of thousands of Greek singles.

See what @Arthritis_ARC Associate Scientific Director @Diane Lacaille has to say about finding satisfaction at work with RA on the #RAMatters At Work website: Gt Wj Wwxz5 3 facts, 5 friends. I hate mushrooms @Tiffany Kairos @Fye Alethea @Aintnoshamepain @Fergus Shelley @angie Rirvin Pierre-Auguste Renoir was one of the most influential #painters in #arthistory, but few people know that he suffered from debilitating #rheumatoidarthritis. @CAPA_Arthritis @Psoriasis Canada @anetto @whaaf @lf_brown @TO_dpr @c_reece5 @chroniceileen @Janet Gunderson @Mariah Forward…

“I can’t count how many times a cute guy seems very interested in me until he finds out that what’s hidden behind the fit tattooed redhead is a #chronicillness he can’t possibly understand”: @creakyjoints @chroniceileen #RA #dating #society #relationships Beautiful flowers ftom my friends on the Arthritis Research Canada patient advisory board!

via @whatapain_blog #spoonie #chronicpain Want to learn more about what it's like to live and work with rheumatoid arthritis? I had 14 weeks to prepare for motherhood (found out at 6 months along) 3. We know that #Arthritisis Serious and am glad to see that as your hashtag. @shanonmc @Cheryl Koehn @anetto @chroniceileen Bring on September - we want to spread the word about how serious Arthritis really is. I hope you can help amplify recruitment for this important study on pregnancy and disability.

“I became a full-fledged member of a club I didnt know existed & didnt want to join: the world of people living w #chronic #inflammatory #illness.

This world means adjusting to #medication after medication”: @creakyjoints @chroniceileen #RA #Chronic Illness "But this is my new normal.

Still, it can often be difficult to find Cyprus dating opportunities given the relatively small population, especially if you have a very particular set of values or qualities you’re looking for in a date.

That’s why we created Eligible Greeks, the best site in the world for Greek singles who are looking to date other Greeks around the world.

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