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The revamp of the chat feature did not include the create custom rooms which was part of the major problem with underage people taking part in the cybersex area of the chat. I looked up the whois on the web site and then I went to and did a reverse lookup and pretended to be the police.Yahoo continually revamped their chat until their advertisers were content that they were not advertising on a virtual porn site (which at one point Yahoo chat was considered because of the unregulated chat rooms) 74.1 (talk) , 22 February 2010 (UTC) what happened to the web based version of yahoo messenger for people who don't or can't install the full version? I was like you are solicitating porno to my 12-year old son.

This has helped a lot to keep the flies/pornbots way down.

Non-Windows users are not good enough to look at our ads seems to be a strange way to run a business, but so it goes.

In the old days (1998-1999) messenger was called "yahoo pager".

Their reasoning was this: Many users (many underage users) were creating pornographic custom rooms.

These rooms were displaying advertising from virtually all major corporations that paid for advertising on Yahoo.

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