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Northern CAstevofrom my own point of view i think parental control is a good show, u know what i'm saying your boyfriend is a sucker and u don't realize that because u think you're inlove but u know he's a bitch, like i said because u are in love u don't realize it but your parent do so they are trying to help u wit your future. GOOD GOD IF I JUST SHOOT THE PEOPLE AT MTV FOR MAKING THESE STUPID SHOWS, I WOULD BARRAGE THEM WITH RUBBER BULLETS UNTIL THEY STARTED WRITING SHOWS THAT ARE WORTH A DAMN! On top of that, for the kids that are watching this show, and growing up thinking this is cool, it just goes to show exactley WHY our socioty is in the position it is, because LOOK at the role models, HOLY CRAP, are you frakkin serious!?!?!?!

I know that i won't like it if my mom chooses my boyfriend for me but if the boyfriend is an ass hole and they realize it they can help and mostly the boyfriends or girlfriends on the show are always a bunch of sucker or asshole. On a real note, the only reason that you would like this show is if you are either 9 years old and actually think its real, OR your IQ is around 72. I cant wait to see the president of 2040, his or her goals for our country will be providing cheese puffs for all the obese kids, and letting kids do whatever they want to theyre parents, and providing an unlimited credit card for all the snot nosed brats that live in the hollywood hills.

For URL blocking and web browsing reporting to work, your child will need to use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, so you'd have to block Chrome and other browsers if you want these features. By default, inappropriate apps and games (e.g., mature movies and games) are blocked. Select the appropriate age ratings for apps, games, and media from the Windows Store with the age dropdown box.

From here, you can navigate to one of the parental control settings using the dropdown box at the top of the page (it currently says "Recent activity").

With Windows 10, your child will also have to use a Microsoft account to log in. If you want to allow your child to make some purchases--without racking up thousands on virtual coins--you can add money to his or her Microsoft account and keep your credit card out of it.

This is a change from previous versions of Windows, but it allows you to apply the parental control settings across all the Windows devices your child uses and manage the settings from the web. This page shows your child's purchase history with the Microsoft Store and the Xbox store. This takes you to the privacy settings web page for Xbox.

First, one of the three is picked to leave before the other two.

Well the episode of today, the girl didn't choose her boyfriend. All the reality shows just makes me sick to the stomach.

Oh don't forget crank yankers on MTV 2 from the comedy channel, they funny as hell forget MTV and all their crap Shows. LOLIf you're single, fun, outgoing, attractive female and want to meet a nice guy who's a singer and musician, feel free to give me a call!!

Parental controls can help keep your children safe when they use the computer.

For example, you can restrict which programs they can run and which websites they can visit, limit how much time they can spend on the computer each day, and also get detailed reports on their activity.

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