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The Former Multi-Year District ratings show the accountability ratings for districts and all schools within the district for the ratings years 1995 through 2002.

I don’t think they understand how great they’ve become, which is almost a good thing.

The School District Locator map page has the following search features: This map was produced by the Texas Education Agency.

It is for informational purposes only--it has not been prepared for, nor is it suitable for, legal or engineering purposes.

If a majority of the votes are cast in favor of the proposition, an election to reverse the effects of the first election may not be held earlier than the corresponding uniform election date three years after the date of the first election.(b) If, without an election, an action under this chapter occurs on the order or ordinance of an authority acting in response to a petition and the petitioners' request is rejected, that authority may not consider a subsequent petition on the same request earlier than three years after the date on which the request is rejected.

(a) If at an election on a proposition under this chapter the majority of the votes are cast against the proposition, another election for the same purpose may not be held earlier than the corresponding uniform election date three years after the date of the first election. To the extent practical, the election shall be conducted in accordance with the Election Code.(g) The expenses of the election shall be paid by the appropriate school district or districts.

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The Edinburg CISD provides strong academic, fine arts, and athletic programs for over 34,500 students at 31 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 4 high schools, and 1 alternative and 1 credit recovery campus.

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