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There are several different types of loans you can apply for that will allow you to replace your multiple debts with a single one.Personal loans are one such option, and there are several options you can apply for online (more on that later).

Similarly, if you’re only getting a low introductory rate, pay attention to how long it lasts. Also, it’s best to avoid adding new purchases to the card once you’ve transferred the balance.These new charges will have the regular interest rate.Finally, this works best when you have a manageable amount of debt that you’ll be able to pay down before the low rate expires.What’s the difference between the loan and line of credit?The loan dissolves when you finish repaying the principal and interest, whereas the line of credit can be used again and again: As you pay off the balance, that money is freed up for you to use again.

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It’s no wonder that people are so intrigued with this debt-relief option, right?

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