Compensated dating xian

Icy lines up clients with girls for paid dates, she does this mainly to support her loser boyfriend.

The young well-off Ronnie desires for excitement out of her bored life, she becomes the IT girl among the internet "dating" forums.

The result isn't always pleasant to watch, but at least it always feels authentic, and it always feels uniquely Hong Kong.

Icy (Michelle Wai) is a former compensated dating participant who has since become a pimp to be with her boyfriend (Derek Tsang).

They live without the bounds of morality, experiencing life as only their generation could.

Gucci decides to trade off her virginity to bid for a limited edition Gucci bag that she longs to possess.

Of course, sex is an inevitable byproduct of the biz, and the girls are subject to the same dangers: diseases, perverted clients, and even a depraved killer who's out there killing and dismembering working girls.

Nonetheless, the girls forge on because they need the cash. The rich Ronnie tentatively joins the trade because she's bored and likes sleeping with handsome young men.

Conflicts arise due to obvious differences, but the girls weather the storm by banding together to commiserate, shop, and screw with some of the nastier johns.She doesn't feel right about taking the cash though, and will actually pay her clients instead.Taiwan import Lin (Una Lin) does it for the money, but she enjoys it too, rating the guys in her little black book while also possibly falling for one of her regular johns (Eric Tse of EO2).The film offers a sampling of this particular life, but that's just what it is: a sampling.The film's lack of depth is mediated somewhat by a decent use of technique.

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