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Could excessive cellphone use lead to similar outcomes?At present, we don’t know, because research on this topic is sparse. (2009) engaged in a search for articles describing addiction to the internet, video games, and cellphones [iv]. In a 2013 study, Tulane and Beckert found that 90 percent of both college and high-school participants owned a cellphone [i], while a 2015 Pew Research Center poll found that 92 percent of American adults owned a mobile phone, including smart phones.[ii] There are certainly benefits to owning a smart phone, but their harmful effects are now being scrutinized. (2014), for example, described “mobile phone problematic use” as repetitive use of a cellphone to the point that it is counterproductive to one's health or well-being.[iii] Some people fear that excessive cellphone use is actually a form of addiction, and it is well known that addiction inescapably and inexorably impacts the loved ones of an addicted individual.Within families, addiction leads to rigid boundaries, poor communication, high levels of negativity and conflict, dishonesty, and social isolation.So go about it casually: If you’re about to walk away from your cell phone, send a quick message that you’re “at the gym” or “driving.” Clue each other in on the best times, or ways, to be reached.This can leave you both with less time to worry about what you don’t know.They found that internet addiction was the most studied of these subjects, but that cellphone addiction comprised only 2.2 percent of available articles.However, the research base is slowly starting to grow.

If you start to broach a topic that can’t be discussed in 3 to 4 texts, call or meet to resolve it, she says. When people text, they miss the immediate impact they have on others, causing communication to become messier and easier to misunderstand, says Lori Cluff Schade, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist at Brigham Young University.A recent study from Brigham Young University found that the more a guy texted, the less happy he and his significant other were in their relationship.“When women are texting more, they are simply using it as an additional way to connect in a happy relationship, says Schade.

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