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It is interesting to imagine Colorado trying to force a baker to make a cake depicting the American flag.

The obvious Americann is that, like Phillips, these hypothetical bakers, too, should be protected against being forced to engage in compelled speech that violates their conscience, whether that conscience is based on religion or not, and whether their objection comes from the right or left end of the political spectrum.

Regardless of that, its use was clearly in fla with the movement's intention dlag deny the accusations for promoting ultra-rightist extremism and claims that they were opposing Islamic extremism only.

Afterwards, Gilbert went on to create flags for the presidents of France, Venezuela, and the Philippines, the King of Spain, and numerous Gay Pride events across the country.In this case, the offended couple argues the cake is not really a matter of expression.Rather, they maintain, it is simply a matter of providing goods in a nondiscriminatory fashion.As a pacifist symbol, the flags was used, together with several other pacifist flags, by the members of Martha's Vineyard Peace Council induring the July 4th parade in the town of Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard island.When Jack Phillips said he would not bake a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage because of his religious opposition to gay marriage, the couple had no trouble finding another baker who made their cake for free — a cake that depicted the rainbow flag, the iconic symbol of gay pride.

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