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This is a change from what most people say “they are looking for”.

We are sent out to believe that “the one” is going to rock your world “at first sight” and make your heart pound around the clock.

Thompson shares the desire, in a sense, but his code is leading him to look elsewhere.“I still imagine having a lovely woman there to spend the evenings with and start a family with,” he writes. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure, but I can tell you one place I will not find her for sure.

I believe when you look at that person, and they bring you peace, and warmth, and comfort – and they inspire you do better and be better – that’s an angel that has come into your life.And secondly because Thompson has no use for anything like“strategy” when it comes to matters of the heart.With support from co-author Andrew Glassman, the executive producer of “Sweet Home Alabama,” Thompson recently published “The Cowboy Code: How a Lady Should Be Treated, and How to Get Your Man to Treat You the Cowboy Way.”As Thompson makes clear very early on in the book, to his way of thinking there’s a very big difference between a code and a set of rules.I believe once that happens, the butterflies start to come in wave after wave.And of the person you are with doesn’t feel like an angel in your life, then you should put trust in that instinct.

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“What I am saying is, all games are bad,” he writes.

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