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While I am sure most everyone in the house loves Mindi, Richard has created a toxic situation between himself and Chuck making things less than comfortable in the house. This episode begins on a sadistic note with Richard and Mindi rejoining the others upstairs.If Richard had known he had only on option, this moment would have been a lot less painful and had Richard not developed himself as such an agitating personality, his misery would not have been as funny.Richard proceeded to be shot down by Scarlet and Caitilin, before stumbling through asking Lauren. While most of the dates went smoothly, Chuck had some social hiccups in his date with Scarlet by talking too much about political topics and the Quakers.As Lauren put it, the date was an 8 and then a 4, a 3, a 0, and then a negative 6.

While exploiting the above mentioned truth is a genius move on Chuck’s part, if “ Beauty and the Geek” is truly to be more of a social experiment, Chuck is gaining nothing by hiding behind his gay persona.

In the end, Lauren ended up winning with a grand total of 2.10.

Now that the shopping is done, the girls headed back to the mansion to makeover the geeks.

Richard tried to come across as an FBI agent and faltered asking a married woman for the number in front of her husband. Tied for third with 6 numbers were both Richard and Shawn.

Shawn might have done better had he not given up the last 15 minutes. I’m sorry; I needed to use a more dramatic name.

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