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And as I have stated that I didn’t think I’d be interested in dating a woman who was not a mom, I’ve had to revise that statement, based on new information.

My fear about dating a woman without kids is more about boundaries and time management. It’s not about her wanting more of my attention or not.

But don’t make your kids the reason not to explore a new life, a new relationship, and the new intimacies that may open up a whole new future for you and them, eventually.

As a single dad, I am just now entering a new dating relationship with a woman who does not have kids. We have already had moments of “oh shit, your kids are there, I’m sorry…” and “don’t worry about the kids, they are in their rooms studying.” If I try to imagine her point of view I’d be projecting, so I’ll stick with mine.

As a single dad, I do understand that my kids are a priority. But kids can be used as an unhealthy defense mechanism as well.

Kids MIGHT trump our plans, but I am always willing to talk about it.

And I am perfectly capable to make decisions based on a request and a crisis at the moment.

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