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So straight men will have increased blood flow watching straight porn, while gay men respond to gay porn, but not straight porn.But one study showed women to be way more sensitive, having increased blood flow not just when watching porn they identified with, but also sexual images that they were mentally not turned on by, including masturbating female bonobos. I'm sorry I've ruined all of your future zoo trips, but I just had to share.Just please remember that if you are using condoms, do not use any lube with a petroleum base, because it can eat away at the latex and cause breakages.

Not to worry — try using a non-lubricated condom to get some of that friction back.

You’ll often know you’re getting aroused from certain physical signs: Foreplay should be enjoyable for both partners and you may choose to not go any further than this stage.

Many couples enjoy having foreplay for a long time before they move on to having vaginal sex.

Sex can be a lot of fun and very pleasurable, but it’s also normal to have questions and worries.

You might be thinking about having sex for the first time and are not sure where to start.

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Sometimes people also have oral sex as part of foreplay.

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