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Have a discussion about appropriate in-public humor.Sometimes awkwardness is due to nothing more than mismatched ideas on what type of joking around is acceptable in mixed company.

For example, your guy tells you that he wants to have a "big" talk and you think that he is about to propose.

And then you play it off like nbd when they pretend they didn't hear anything.

And everyone's all like, "Why haven't they asked you yet? You don't want to say yes if your maybe bae is planning to ask you, but you're too chicken to bring it up, and you also don't want to end up dateless.

If one partner publicly engages in aggressive or offensive humor -- such as making fun of someone's faults -- the other partner often feels personally embarrassed, according to relationship researcher Jeff Hall in the "Relationships Matters!

" podcast from Chaplain College in Burlington, Vermont.

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Before you jump ship, keep in mind that for many couples awkwardness is simply a stage.

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