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While walking around, you’ll have no shortage of conversation starters all around you. Wish points out that the atmosphere at these kinds of events can be a bit more relaxing than a trendy restaurant or bar. Wish’s top advice is to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire some fun storytelling.

For example, you might ask, “What was your worst date?

I’d describe myself as a mix between introvert and extrovert.

Ask any of my close friends and they’d say I’m loud and outgoing, but ask someone who doesn’t know me too well and they’d probably say the opposite.

When you lower the importance of the activity, your guard goes down and you each can see a more accurate view of each other.”Another option is to attend an event together, whether a boat show, an art exhibit, or a flea market.

Once you’ve ruled out nerves and both of you have had a chance to lower your guards a bit, you’ll have an easier time determining if your lackluster discussions are shedding light on how little you have in common.

But unless you’re pretty certain that you and your date just aren’t going to click, Dr.

But keep in mind that just because someone isn’t a grade-A conversation partner right off the bat doesn’t mean they won’t open up eventually.

Besides, if you both can survive the initial awkwardness, you’ll have something to LOL about later on.

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When the stakes are higher, your nerves may get in the way of your verbal connection.

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