Are ed westwick and jessica szohr dating

"He's a really rad guy," Jessica says when asked what she likes about Ed.

The silver grey was modelled by Jessica Szohr, who also appeared to be happiest to see the paps. Then again, as reported in the summer, he opened himself up to it when he took her back after she cheated on him around her birthday.Three days later, my manager calls to tell me that I'd been with the show's ecutive producer and one of the creators and they want me to audition." Less than a week after that, Jessica was on her way to New York. Of course, she was originally booked for only a three-episode stint; three seasons later, she's still around.Her character, Vanessa, who at first "had only Dan Humphrey as a friend," has become an integral part of the show, romancing Nate, scheming against Blair, and, yes, engaging in a controversy-baiting (if mostly off-camera) three-way.After Westwick had learned about flirting with his friend Marco Minuto, he decided to end their relationship.One of the close sources of Ed Westwick explained: "Jessica recently celebrated her birthday in LA and was being openly affectionate and flirty with Marco.

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"I think NYU is good for Vanessa," Jessica says, smiling.

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