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Later in Friday's session, she also showcased "Swan Dive," from 1998's "Little Plastic Castle."Those held up well, but not all the entries in her 200 songs-plus catalog do.She mocked her own, younger self's lyrical earnestness: "Somebody's got to be interested in how I feel, because I'm here, and real!Like Seeger, Di Franco believes that music is best shared through live performance.At her concerts political passion and intense emotion are felt by both performer and audience. “It has the ability to lift every single veil between you and someone else.Most seats in the grandstand stage area were full as Di Franco chatted with Times-Picayune contributor Alison Fensterstock. There are things you can do through music that you can't do any other way."As an example, she told a story about a trip to Burma, where she met with activists and exiles working against the ruling military junta. That's what music does."When Fensterstock suggested Di Franco take a moment to play a song, onlookers shouted requests.Di Franco is an outspoken advocate for various left-leaning causes and candidates. Di Franco decided to play the first title she heard - until she couldn't recall the proper guitar tuning.

She’s been given awards by the National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, and several organizations.

Music is a social act — the language of the human soul that everyone understands.” in 1990, she has released more than twenty albums on her own independent label, Righteous Babe, and has sold more than 4 million copies, but she remains ambivalent about fame and success.

When she says the words “my career,” you can hear the quotes around them.

She’s also been accused of betraying her fellow progressives on occasion; she says the criticism from other women hurts the most, but it’s the price of being so open and autobiographical in her work.

I met Di Franco in the New Orleans house she shares with her husband, producer Mike Napolitano, their eight-year-old daughter, Petah, their two-year-old son, Dante, and the family’s new Mexican hairless puppy. “The kids insisted.”) As any parent might expect, having children has changed how Di Franco spends her days and leaves her less time to write new songs.

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