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I really expected his choice of sexually suggestive fruits to segue into a vaguely dirty intro. The Verdict: We're going to go ahead and give this one to the London men but only just — as there were no peach emojis on that side of the pond.

It’s OK to like motorcycles and big butts, you can admit it without shame. N., a self-described “simple man,” quickly disappeared from my match queue after we exchanged messages.

The actual joke that followed involved balls, and based on our subsequent conversation, I suspect we would not spark.

and I failed to understand one another from the start.

Perfect if you’re looking for a fling, not so good if you want something serious. set out with such a specific goal, even before he knew Janet existed. The Verdict: There's no response to this question that isn't a little bit disappointing or creepy, but being fed a template for a threesome takes the cake.

Have you ever found yourself exasperated after yet another horrific text or aimless swipe right, and wondered if love would be easier if you lived in a different city...

Most people would be pretty annoyed but I appreciate his honesty. doesn't give a perfect or even a desirable answer for those looking for something serious, but it’s straight up honest and that’s all anyone can ask for. More broadly, though, it seems guys are forever slapping disclaimers on first dates, like, “Hey stranger, just so you know, I’m potentially down for sex but I’m never going to be interested in you in any real way.” Cool, wow, thanks, so glad I made time to meet you, bro. Sounds pretty, but it’s a sentence without any meaning.

Janet from the UK: H., makes a bold move but I can respect it. V.'s answer is also honest, and I take no issue with either.

ruined perfectly good bear content with baby jokes, what a shame. is attractive in a romantic-interest-on-a-sitcom kind of way, and I am sort of surprised he answered, given that our profiles suggest few to no overlapping interests. Claire from the US: A.'s brevity and aversion to articles makes him a winner. Claire from the US: After looking up J.'s song reference on You Tube, I disagree with his choices, but appreciate his interpretation of the question. but we will forever appreciate the Eurovision reference. has some good stuff going on here, some suggestions that really appeal to the old-school romantic in me. needs some clarification, which is fair, just not necessarily romantic.

I have no idea what those dudes were singing about but he’s right, their passion is catchy. seems to know his stuff; it suggests he has at least a few good brain cells rattling around in the noggin, which is always attractive. The Verdict: Given the election question was a little clearer for the yanks, this swings their way... needs to understand that being trapped on a boat with a stranger sounds like a nightmarish first date... Spoiler alert: When he did tell me, it was just as disappointing.

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didn't deliver on a prompt that should have been followed with dry British humor. The British will just have to stick to being sarcastic at every available opportunity instead. Claire from the US: R.'s blind willingness to spend time with a stranger might be considered cute? This is the least entertaining drunk text of all time. was nice enough to receive this message in a humble manner (unlike others I tried) and he even threw a compliment my way too. Janet from the UK: M.'s response ticked more than a few of my boxes. Then there was some humility before he knocked it out of the park with some humour. Either way, the only two men to give compliments back happen to live in London — so this one goes to them. was cheeky but evasive — he definitely chose a fun way to get out of my question.

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