Am i dating a cuck

One way or another, a beta male always has something else up his sleeve, and that’s what keeps things interesting after the first date. Got something that needs to be picked up in the city, forgot something important at home, or just need a shoulder to cry on for whatever reason?

The beta male will be there, especially if he really cares about you.

This is what we’re talking about when we say that a beta male cares about the little things.

A beta male is careful and slow enough to ask—what pleases you and what makes you happy? An alpha male might give you the best or roughest night of your life, but life is so much more than just sex. Hollywood blockbusters, bestselling novels, and hit TV shows all rub it in our faces: the leading man must be confident, tall, muscular, a badass, have a great sense of humor, and outspoken in every way.Who wants to be the forgotten nice guy when you can be the next Tony Stark or Thor?While an alpha male will have spent their whole lives being complimented for their charm, good looks, and charisma, a beta male spends his life establishing a foundation of interesting hobbies and creative activities.It might be music, cooking, writing, or something entirely unique.

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