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From supporting Frank all the way to the White House while nurturing her own high-powered career to dumping his ass when he started to take her for granted at the end of Season 3, we can all learn a few things from Claire Underwood. I know what I’m worth and I know that I’m great on my own, I don’t fall into traps, settling for someone just because they pay attention to me or will stick around.” Strong women don’t need anyone to stick around who isn’t worthy of her.Here are seven awesome things alpha women bring to the table in relationships. You can either treat us the way we know we should be treated, or we’ll kick you to the curb.

In other words, take off that armor every once in awhile.We’re looking for someone who can handle our ambition, has some of his or her own and will be with us on the way to the top. “Being a strong woman, alpha women can expect a lot in return,” says Goldstein.“If she is a high achiever or a capable woman, she will want those around her to be of the same standards.” However, just like the strain viewers see Claire and Frank experience on , Marie says there can be tension when it comes to balancing work and her partner’s ego.She can take control when needed, allowing someone else to sit back and relax every so often.” Alpha women are the greatest of them all. She never accepts less than the best treatment from Frank or anyone else.Madam Underwood has taught us well when it comes to relationships. Gabby, 26, of New York City considers herself the alpha partner in her relationship, and says, “We [alphas] won’t play games.

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