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At the same time, she can enjoy all the trimmings of the single life and you remain desperate and holding on.Translated, that means she’s not changing anything, and you’re going to remain stuck in the loop.We’ve spoken about it drunk and sober a couple of times and I’ve tried to reassure her that it’s only her and nothing ever happened between me and my friend but I feel like she can’t get over it.I don’t know how else to address the issue but it’s really starting to become a problem for us.So buckle up and settle in – it could be a long ride and you need to be patient with her.Next, you need to go to her and tell her that you understand her hurt and pain, and that you’ll now do whatever it takes to win her back.Be aware - any other answer other than a ‘yes’ is a ‘no’, and it’s time for you to pull right back.Essentially, if she can’t commit to you then you need to remove yourself from her life and stop the contact.

Get on the front foot and put it to her – "are you in love with me? " and "I need you to move back in with me by X time... " These are straight forward black and white 'yes' or 'no' questions. After 6 months of being separate, she’ll know what she wants.She’s said she’s not in love with you, she’s separated, and she continues to enjoy this situation.You’re the one holding on and doing all the leg work. It’s time for an ultimatum and then you’ll be able to finally break free of this loop.I have been seeing her 2 to 3 nights most weeks, some romantic dates where she'll kiss me across the table, some nice nights in on the couch, some days with her family or dinner at the family, some with my family together.I told her I still love her and she said she still loves me.

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