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Theres never a kind of yearly meeting to say these rules dont make much sense and the line were drawing is very wiggly, lets straighten it out. Some of the answers were motor vehicles, clothes, running, music, concerts. They think that youre breaking a promise that you made to the Amish Church. Are there examples of non-Amish religious believers embracing two fundamentally contradictory value systems? In the directors commentary, Walker notes that the boys going through rumspringa were embarrassed about their Amish culture and it was difficult getting any of them to drive in a horse and buggy for the camera. Because of this, the Amish typically work in manual trades, and those who leave the Amish church are ill-equipped to obtain much better than factory jobs. She contrasted the impersonal assembly line environment there to the warm Amish community barn raising, as depicted in the movie Witness.Have the Amish prostituted their labor (as Marx would word it) by taking their skills into the non-Amish community?This retention rate is the highest ever since the founding of the Amish church in 1693.In the directors commentary Lucy Walker states that the success rate may be partly due to the courtship ritual.Parents just assume that the young couple will become intimate, and many girls in fact become pregnant.

If you wanted to really take the relationship to the next level, youve got to get married, and in order to get married youve got to join the church.

Heaven and hell are as real as New York and Los Angeles. Is it good for any believer to feel that a literal heaven and hell are as real as New York and Los Angeles? An Amish expert in the film states, The Amish people in general would not believe that a person is saved who is not baptized.

An Amish teenager would be considered lost if they would die or be killed during that time. An Amish boy going through rumspringa states, Its in the back of my mind almost every day that if I dont change my ways I might not get to heaven. If the fear is that genuine (as it appears to be), why wouldnt all Amish youth cut short their rumspringa experience and join the Amish church as fast as they could? In the directors commentary, Walker reports that Emma and Faron once had a conversation in which they asked each other What if God didnt dictate the Bible?

The film weaves together interviews with several Amish youths who, to varying degrees, embrace popular youth culture, including smoking, drinking and drug use.

Some return to their Amish tradition and are baptized.

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