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Just connect a phone to your installed Vonage adapter to use your service while your transfer completes.To obtain status on your number transfer or to jot down your temporary phone number, sign in to your Online Account.Your number transfer can take up to10 business days to complete.

Note: We are aware that there is a known compatibility issue for customers of Vonage who have AT&T U-Verse as their Internet Service Provider.Leading on from this, Discord does have a setting that will automatically block what you don't want to see- mostly NSFW things that I imagine many parents don't want their children being exposed to.However, as stated in Discords rules/terms of conditions, server owners are required to have a set channel for NSFW content that requires you to confirm your 18 and safe to view.The thing that bothers me the most, is how parents think there is so much NSFW. Its going to be your child's or your fault for letting themselves/the parents get through to that group.There is a setting for a NSFW channel if your in a public server, and if you wish to go to it, it will ask if your 18 or over, of course children can press yes and just go through it, but its the parents or the childs fault.

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