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Hello, I'm 52 and I just completed my Teach Away profile. Hello I have a phone interview tomorrow and im nervous. Also if im selected to a second interview will they pay for me to come or thats all on me? Oh,and you will be responsible for making arrangements if you move on to a face to face interview. Hi Stephanie Honestly, it was more of a pre screening application. It's important for you to know about the ADEC reform.

I'm planning to attend the hiring event in San Francisco in Feb of 2017 are you attending? I know I saw someone said their second interview was in TX. Unfortunately, I was not shortlisted for a face to face interview. But just make sure you look at the attachment that was sent with your email. They go over your resume, ask a couple of questions from it, tell you about the progam/ area of interest. I was asked why I wanted to work for ADEC, what's my style of teaching, how do I deal with behavior issues,..normal teaching interview questions.

One of the richest and fastest developing cities in the world, Abu Dhabi, as with Dubai, is also one of the most expensive to live in.As well as the many schools advertising for qualified TEFL teachers, there is also a network of language agencies, which are often happy to employ native speakers from the UK, Canada, and the USA, interviewing them and offering jobs within the applicant’s home country.As well as state schools, there are also a wealth of private and internationals schools, educating the hoard of expat kids that find themselves starting a new life in the United Arab Emirates.However, the growing tourist and hospitality industries are beginning to change that, and the demand for more natural English speakers and TEFL teachers is rapidly increasing.English TESOL and TEFL jobs in the UAE are not so hard to spot, heavily advertised in local papers and on expat websites, with no real perfect or bad time to start your job hunt.

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I was one of the first to be interviewed after that.

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